Welcome to Skala Skamnias.

A traditional village with a lot of fresh fish, picturesque seaside, sun and many many delicious tastes.

We are here to welcome you, make you feel comfortable with our treat and make you feel dizzy with the smell of roasted fish, our delis, wine and ouzo.

Skala Skamnias and its seaside, 40 kilometres away from the sity of Mytilene in Lesvos island. This is our place Anemoessa.

A place full of warmth and hospitality. Simple but full of life.

The view, the sea, the chapel of Panagia Gorgona, the seaside with the small boats and our traditional cuisine, can create the illusion of Paradise.

The lightened seaside accompanies the moments of taste luxury and relaxation that we offer you from the very early evening till late at night.

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